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Title: Time and the River
Author: G. W. Kite
Specifications: Hard Cover, 374 pp, ISBN 0-918334-97-7
Price: US $64
Cat No: TAR

"A key reference work on the state-of-the-art as applied to water resource management." -- Dr. David Young



This book is a set of essays by eminent hydrologists. The essays provide some answers to questions such as: Where are we in hydrology? What has been achieved in the last few decades? In which direction should we go? Dr. John Rodda discusses hydrological data collection and Dr. John Sutcliffe describes advances in hydrological analyses in developing countries. R.H. Clark reviews the increasingly important topic of international basins and the relevant international law. Equitable distribution of water implies a knowledge of its statistical properties; Professor Vujica Yevjevich summarises the current situation and provides many ideas on future applications in hydrology and water resources management. Dr. Fred Morton argues that there have been few significant advances in our knowledge of hydrology and the related environmental sciences during the past four decades because of use of inappropriate methodologies. Dr. M. Sugawara describes the mathematical, physical and systems engineering analogues used in the development of a hydrological model. Many scientists are concerned over the possibility of climatic change; Professor George Cavadias considers the problem of detecting anthropogenically-induced climatic changes and suggests some practical solutions. Professor Shully Solomon shows that the need to model increasingly larger areas and the need to verify the outputs of atmospheric global climate models have led to the development of a new sub-branch of hydrology-macro hydro-logy. Professor Jerry Nemec describes how such macro hydrological models are able to simulate the effects of climatic change scenarios, what their failings are, and what the implications of climatic change are for world food production. Publ. 1995 WRP.


1: Time and the River - G. W. Kite
2: Capturing the Hydrological Cycle - J. C. Rodda
3: Hydrology in the Developing World - J. V. Sutcliffe
4: Hydrological Information and International Rivers - R. H. Clark
5: Statistics in Hydrology and Water Resources Management - V. Yevjevich
6: Evaporation and Feedback Mechanisms in Hydrology - F. I. Morton
7: The Development of Hydrological Model -TANK - M. Sugawara
8: Climatic Change, River Flows and Water Resources Development - G. Cavadias
9: Macro-Scale Hydrology - S. I. Solomon
10: General Circulation Models (GCMs), Climatic Change, Scaling and Hydrology - J. Nemec.

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