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Water Resources Publications, LLC Author and Editor Profile

Author or Editor of the books:

Frequency and Risk Analysis in Hydrology (Cat. No. FRAH)

Hydrologic Applications: Computer Programs for Water Resources Engineering (Cat. No. HAC)

Time and the River (Cat. No. TAR)

Dr. Geoff Kite

Dr. Geoff Kite is a research scientist at Canada's National Hydrology Research Institute where he is developing macro-scale hydrological models with particular emphasis on the use of satellite data and linkages to atmospheric and oceanic models. He is also actively researching the statistical properties of hydrometeorological time series, in particular the levels of large lake systems having worked on regulation plans for the Great Lakes and for Lake Victoria in East Africa.

Dr. Kite has degrees from the University of Durham in England, Colorado State University and the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is presently consultant to the UN FAO, CIDA, IDRC and to several Canadian hydroelectric utilities. He is the author of over 100 publications including several books. He currently resides in Oxfordshire, England.