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Title: HYDRAULICS OF WATER WELLS Theory and Application
Authors: Milan Vukovic and Andjelko Soro
Specifications: Hardcover plus software, 368 pp

ISBN -13: 9780918334763

Price: US $94
Cat No: HWW



This book takes into account the need for knowledgeable solutions, especially in finding the basic characteristics of aquifers, selecting the type of well, anticipating the water yield for a given water level drawdown, forecasting the life duration of the well anticipating the steady decrease of its yield with time, predicting the evolution of water quality of the well with time, etc.

Authors have incorporated into this book the state-of-the art of hydraulics and some technology of water wells as available in both West and East, especially in Western Europe, U.S.A., U.S.S.R. and other Eastern European countries. They have added their own broad standpoints, the results of applied research and the practical well development and operation. The subject matter is presented in a broad range, from theory all the way to solutions of practical problems. It is based on world-wide literature, therefore, this book should be of interest to professionals, be they developers, practitioners, designers researchers or teachers, and to all those who are interested in developing groundwater resources by using water wells.

By designing, testing and studying more than 1000 wells, the authors have gained extensive experience, primarily in the area of solving problems related to well hydraulics. This book attempts to present modern approaches to problems encountered during concept generation, construction and use of the wells. Numerous examples from the authors' own practice, as well as that of others, are given with the objective of how to optimize construction and use of production wells. The subject matter is presented in 17 chapters, sorted in four parts: Theoretical Background; Evaluation of Tests and Production Pumpage Data; Design and Production Problems of Tube Wells; Case Studies of Tests and Production Pumping.

The reader should find the mentioned approaches interesting and beneficial to problem solutions: Interpretation of both the investigative pumping test data and operational pumping, as well as other observed data for prolonged times, is a specific asset of this book. ISBN - 0-918334-76-4. Publ 1992 WRP.

The following programs are included:

-> (PROGRAM MVAS W) - computation of well functions

-> (PROGRAM MVAS QS) - pumping test data evaluation for the quasi-steady flow regime

-> (PROGRAM MVAS 17) - test and production data processing for unsteady flow conditions and forecast of groundwater flow regime.

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