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Water Resources Publications, LLC Authors' Profile

Dr. Milan Vukovic and Mr. Andjelko Soro ~ Authors of the books:

-> Hydraulics of Water Wells Theory and Application (Cat. No. HWW)
-> Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity of Porous Media from Grain-Size Composition (GSADHC)
-> Groundwater Dynamics (GWD)
-> Groundwater Dynamics Solution Manual (SMGWD)

Dr. MILAN VUKOVIC who passed away recently, was one of WRP's highly respected authors. In his many year of practice he had designed, tested, analyzed, and evaluated pumping tests and production pumping in almost 1000 wells. He was the author of more than 90 scientific and technical publications, three books and three monographs. Of particular significance was his contribution to the construction of the largest hydraulic engineering facility in Yugoslavia, the Iron Gates Hydro Power Plant, as well as to the development of a large number of groundwater aquifers.

Dr. Vukovic was Professor of Hydraulics and Groundwater Dynamics at the University of Belgrade, Department of Mining and Geology.

ANDJELKO SORO, is Chief Engineer of the Groundwater Hydraulics Department at the Water Resources Institute "Jaroslave Cerni" in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

He has worked for more than 20 years in the field of scientific research and applied investigation of groundwater problems. His practice includes numerous research projects, particularly those related to construction and maintenance of facilities for conservation of the artificial lake riparian area of the larges Yugoslav hydropower plant, the Iron Gates. A major portion of his work included research, design and optimization of groundwater development, primarily in alluvions of large rivers (Sava and Danube).

A special part of Mr. Soro's expertise was dedicated to developing of mineral resource deposits from the viewpoint of drainage conditions and the open pit protection.

Mr. Soro is the author of more than 30 publications and co-author of three books in the field of groundwater hydraulics.

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