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Title: AQUIFER PARAMETER ESTIMATOR: Problems and Solutions
Authors:Michael Kasenow, Ph.D., and Paul Pare
Specifications: Hard Cover, 248 pp, plus computer software
Professional VERSION

ISBN 13: 978-0-918334-94-7
ISBN 10: 9-18334-94-2

Price: US $185
Cat No: APE

Here's what Users are saying

". . . more POWERFUL and ACCURATE and SIMPLER to use then other programs costing twice as much."
". . . a POWERFULL engineering and educational tool!"

Also see: Applied Ground-Water Hydrology and Well Hydraulics - 2nd Edition


This book (APE) is a hydrogeologic software package that is both an engineering and teaching tool. APE estimates aquifer parameters using a variety of methods including: Theis time, distance-drawdown and recovery methods, time, distance-drawdown and recovery regression analysis solutions, Hantush inflection point method, steady-state and specific capacity solutions. The program provides solutions and results that hydrogeologists need, including: step-drawdown, well efficiency, capture zones, and the ability to model a pump test. This book, together with Introduction to Aquifer Analysis, offers full page illustrations and easy to read tables that greatly reduce the learning curve. Many data sets are provided that can be used to test these methods. Both programs have been extensively tested. The APE program provides an output that includes transmissivity, storativity, hydraulic conductivity, limit of the cone depression, slope, to, ro, rL, µ, W(µ), Q/s and sp and more! Both programs will be a welcome addition to any hydrogeologic software library. Publ. WRP 1996.

APE advantages are:


Here's what professional ground-water scientists are saying about Dr. Kasenow's research:

"He possesses a wonderfully articulate yet pragmatic method of conveying his thoughts, intuitions and application of theory. His work stands the test of time." --- Walter J. Bolt, Senior Project Manager, PM Environmental, Inc.

"Dr. Kasenow has shown both his creativity and drive to build on, rather than simply follow techniques developed by others. His books present relatively complex concepts in easy to understand graphic form without oversimplification." --- Dana R. Unangst, Project Manager, Insight Environmental Services, Inc.

"It is refreshing to see someone looking at alternatives to complicated and sometimes subjective curve matching techniques." --- Scott R. Green, Senior Hydrogeologist, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates.

"As President of a consulting firm, I am always concerned with balancing costs and providing clients with complete and thorough data evaluations. Dr. Kasenow's practical application techniques have allowed my firm to complete thorough data evaluations at lower costs. Once one uses Dr. Kasenow's data evaluation programs, you are left with the feeling of 'why did I waste my time with other programs?" --- Mark. B. Sweatman, CPG, President, Insight Environmental Services, Inc.

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