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Title: Water Well and Aquifer Test Analysis
Author: Phil Hal - Computer Programs by Joe Chen
Specifications: Hard Cover, 428 pp, ISBN - 0-918334-93-4, plus computer program
Price: US $89
Cat No: WWAT

Users will find this book informative, easy to follow and will learn quickly by working with the more than 60 included examples.



This book, containing 15 chapters, covers the basic concepts of testing, theory and practical application. Separate chapters are devoted to confined aquifers, recovery tests, boundary conditions, unconfined aquifers and leaky aquifers. The data, entered once, can be analyzed by more than one method. Confined aquifers are analyzed using the Theis type curve solution for time or distance drawdown data. The same data can be analyzed using the Cooper-Jacob straight line method with limitations displayed on the screen.

Users graph and analyze recovery data on the computer screen and analyze boundary conditions using the law of times with either the log-log type curves or semi-log plots. The limitations of these methods are discussed in detail. Leaky aquifers are analyzed by the Hantush Inflection point method, the Jacob-Hantush type curves, the Walton type curves or the Neuman type curves. Unconfined aquifers are analyzed using the Boulton, Neuman or Moench type curves. The use of single well tests is discussed and step drawdown tests are reviewed and analyzed. Slug tests are analyzed by the Cooper-Bredehoeft or the Bouwer and Rice method. Data can also be analyzed using the original Hvorslev method.

The programs and methods can also be used to analyze the user's own data. The programs have a graphics interface and are user friendly. They run under DOS or Windows. Pub. 1996 WRP.


"This book makes a significant contribution to the field. We will be using it as our course book." -- Prof. G. P. Jones (London University)

"This is the most up to date text book and software currently available in this field." -- Dr. John Bredehoeft formerly with the USGS

"This is a must read book in this field. Full of practical examples." -- Paul Summers, Senior hydrogeologist, US Bureau of Land Management

"This book is full of good stuff." -- W.C. Walton


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