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Title: Using Specific Capacity to Estimate Transmissivity: Field and Computer Methods
Author: Michael Kasenow, PHD and Paul Pare
Specifications: Soft Cover , 90 pp
ISBN 13: 0-918334-95-0

Price: US $55

Field and Computer methods using the Theis equation


Full scale pump tests are expensive and time consuming. It is often economically prudent to use cost effective methods such as slug tests or permeameters to estimate transmissivity, but the accuracy of these methods is debatable. An alternative method uses drawdown data collected from a production well, which is easy to obtain, especially where domestic wells are a concern. Previous field methods offer results within a wide range of accuracy. Current computer methods require an initial guess of transmissivity, rarely using the Theis equation. This monograph provides methods, application and a user friendly computer program that solves for transmissivity using specific capacity data obtained from a production well. An accurate field method is given, along with a computer program that corrects for well efficiency, well loss, and partial penetration in a confined aquifer, and dewatering and well loss in an unconfined aquifer. Both field and computer methods use variations of the Theis solution. The program, which will be a valuable addition to any well hydraulics library, has been tested by hydrogeology students and engineers. It is easy to use, offers fast results, and provides a comprehensive output. Examples are provided along with an extensive and easy to use µ, W(µ) and µW(µ) table. Step-by-step tutorials are provided; a PC compatible computer with 640 K memory, a printer that compliments your computer -- and common sense -- are all that are needed to run the program. Publ. 1995 WRP.

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