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Title: STREET HYDRAULICS AND INLET SIZING - Using the computer program UDINLET
Author: James C.Y. Guo, PhD, P.E. Professor
Specifications: Soft Cover, 108 pp
ISBN 13: 978-1-887201-00-1; ISBN 10: 1-887201-00-9
Price: US $85

Practical computerized methodology developed for street storm water collection system design.


DESCRIPTION**Also see (CDFA and SDSD) by J.C.Y. Guo

Dr. James Guo, in collaboration with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District in Denver (City and County of Denver), Cities of Aurora and Littleton; Counties of Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas, with the the support of the University of Colorado at Denver, wrote the manual, Street Hydraulics and Inlet Sizing and developed the computer model, UDINLET, for street storm water analysis and street inlet sizing. This book, emphasizing practical design procedures, uses illustrations to explain complicated computing algorithms. The accompanying computer model has been extensively tested and examined by a public professional review committee for various types of street inlet.

When the street cross sectional geometries are known, UDINLET model predicts the flow capacities at various depths of one inch increments. When a design discharge is given, the program computes the water spread on the street and depth at the gutter. To size a street inlet specified by the engineer, the program starts with the prediction of the design discharge which consists of local basin contribution and carryover flow from the upstream inlets. The next step determines the ideal and allowable street capacity based on the maximum spread and curb height. Then the inlet is sized.

Types of inlets considered in UDINLET include grate, curb-opening, combination of grate and curb opening, and slot drain. Inlets can be placed on a sump or on a grade. Inlet interception capacity and the amount of the carryover flow are determined with the consideration of the user-specified clogging factor.

UDINLET is a menu driven, user interactive computer program package that assists the engineer to determine:

(1) Street ideal and allowable hydraulic capacities under a minor as well as a major storm event
(2) Design peak runoff by the Rational method with or without a carryover flow
(3) Inlet selection among grate, curb opening, combination and slotted drain
(4) Inlet sizing according to street hydraulics, gutter geometry, depression, curb height, allowable water spread, sump depth, and public safety, and
(5) Inlet ideal and actual interception and carryover flow with the consideration of a clogging factor.


Introduction <> Street Capacity and Inlet Design procedures <> Curb and Gutter Types <> Determination of Design Storm Event <> Determination of Design Discharge <> Street Hydraulics <> Types of Inlets <> Inlet Hydraulics <> Carryover Flow <> Computer Hardware Requirements <> Installation of UDINLET <> How to Run UDINLET <> Case Studies. Publ. 1997 WRP.

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