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Title: PROBLEM SOLUTION MANUAL - Hydraulics of Dams and Reservoirs
Author: Fuat Sentürk
Specifications: Soft Cover, 304 pp

ISBN 13: 978-0-918334-90-9
ISBN 10: 0-918334-90-X

Price: US $60

**Buy both the book and Solution Manual at a 10% discount for $153**



The Problem Solution Manual in conjunction with Hydraulics of Dams will be of benefit to specialists in preparing the final design of hydraulic structures and to students, by helping them understand the hydraulic phenomenon that enters into the design of dams. The solution manual covers the entire field of hydraulics of dams, from the approach condition of the flow to the spillway up to a check point in the downstream natural water course, plus solving all the problems included in the book, to aid understanding the engineering application of theoretical approaches. Reprinted 2011 WRP.

From the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Historical Background of Dam Construction
Chapter 2 - Introductory Concepts of Dam Hydraulics
Chapter 3 - Hydraulics of Free Flow Spillways
Chapter 4 - Hydraulics of Gated Spillways
Chapter 5 - Hydraulics of Special Types of Spillways
Chapter 6 - Hydraulics of the Downstream Channel
Chapter 7 - Static and Dynamic Loads on Spillways
Chapter 8 - Hydraulics of Reservoir
Chapter 9 - Hydraulics of Bodies of Dams
Chapter 10 - Hydraulics of Diversion Structures
Chapter 11 - Hydraulics of Outlet Works
Chapter 12 - Degradation, Aggradation and Local Scour in Downstream Channels at Dams
Chapter 13 - Model Techniques Used for Solving Special Flow Problems

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