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Title: Riprap Design System (RDS) Version 3.0

By: West Consultants
Specifications: Software with manual

Price: US $249
Cat No: RDS

~RIPRAP Design System is a powerful streambank protection design software~

To order RDS, please go to:

DESCRIPTION -- RIPRAP Design System Version 3.0 streambank protection design software is now available to the general public. RIPRAP Design System 3.0 provides guidance in sizing riprap for bank and bottom protection from scour. The software incorporates the latest criteria from the following seven riprap design methods:

--US Army Corps of Engineers (Engineer Manual 1110-2-1601)
--Federal Highway Administration (Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 11)
--U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Engineering Monograph No. 25)
--U.S. Geological Survey (Water Resources Investigation Report 86-4127)
--California Bank and Shore Protection Manual
--Isbash (from USACOE Engineer Manual 1110-2-1601)
--American Society of Civil Engineers (Manual 54)

Easy To Use -- RIPRAP Design System 3.0 is interactive and Windows driven, providing an easy to use design tool for streambank protection. Data is input on method specific entry tabs, enabling you to easily enter or change input data. This is especially convenient for performing repetitive "what-if" design calculations. Input field sensitive and general help screens are accessible from anywhere in the program. The user's manual included with RIPRAP Design System 3.0 clearly defines and explains the program's capabilities and provides guidance on design methods and input parameters. Helpful sample design problems are included in an appendix. A file management system is included in the program to handle different design run files. RIPRAP Design System 3.0 will handle either Metric (SI) or English units. It will even convert a design run originally performed in one system of units to the other.
Run up to seven methods at once!

The program is able to run one to all seven different methods at once, as long as all needed data has been entered for each method. Often the designer will consider several different methods for rock sizing and use judgement as to which one(s) are most appropriate to the situation at hand. RIPRAP Design System 3.0 allows you to do this quickly and easily in an easy to apply Windows format. The program also allows you to choose from up to four standard rock gradations for each method. For each design method chosen output is sequentially listed, allowing for a cross check of design parameters before final selection.

Full Technical Support -- Unlimited technical support is offered with purchase of RIPRAP Design System. Assistance is provided by WEST's staff of qualified engineers. Help for real-life problems is provided by practicing engineers, not computer programmers.

Reasonable Price -- The price is $249.00. The price for those upgrading from version 2.0 is $99.00 plus sales tax. Discounts are available for multiple copies and/or multiple-user versions.

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