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Title: Risk Analysis in Dam Safety Assessment
Editors: Jan-Tai Kuo and Ben Chie Yen
Specifications: Hard Cover, 188 pp, ISBN 1-887201-20-3
Price: US $60
Cat No: RADS



Failure of dams often cause disastrous damage of properties, loss of lives and interruption of social functioning. Safety of dams has long been a major concern of civil engineers, the public, and governments. Stochastic approaches have been shown to be useful alternatives in solving hydraulic and civil engineering problems. Exciting new developments on risk analysis in hydraulics and civil engineering occurred in the past two decades. Techniques to evaluate the safety and reliability of simple as well as complex systems and methods for risk/reliability-based design and management emerge continuously. Some of these techniques and methods hold great promise for practical applications.

The objectives of this workshop, International Workshop on Risk Analysis in Dam Safety Assessment at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan on June 14-15, 1999, were to provide a forum for the international experts and local participants interested in the subject to discuss recent development, to exchange ideas, and to simulate basic and applied research on the subject of risk analysis in dam safety assessment.

This Workshop was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering of the National Taiwan University, Water Resource Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R. O. C., Taiwan Water Supply Corporation, and Environmental Protection Foundation in Taipei. The Workshop was cosponsored by the Section on Probabilistic Methods in Hydraulics of the International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR); the Committee on Probabilistic Approaches to Water Resources Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE); and the Chinese American Water Resources Association (CAWRA). Publ. 1999 WRP.


· Emerging Principles and Practices in Dam Risk Management by D. N. D. Hartford
· Reliability Analysis for Dam Safety by Ben Chie Yen
· Use of Risk Assessment for Dam Safety Evaluation in Australia by L. A. McDonald
· Dam Safety Management in Taiwan by Jan-Tai Kuo, Shiang-Kueen Hsu and Cheng-Daw Hsieh
· Reviewing Hydrological and Hydraulic Aspects of Dam Safety by Nelson L. de S. Pinto
· Efficient Methods of Measuring Discharge and Reservoir-Sediment Inflow by Chao-Lin Chiu and Yen-Chang Chen
· An Independent Consultant's View on Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Hydroelectric Projects by Jack C. Jones
· Managing Dam Risk through an Effective Regulatory Program by S Samuel Lin and Joseph S. Haugh
· Estimation of the Probability of Hydraulic-Hydrological Failure of Dams by R. Pohl
· A Procedure for Seismic Risk Analysis of Earth Dams by Jeen-shang Lin and Tin-Kan Hung

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