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Leaky Confined Aquifers and the Hantush Inflection Point: Review, Application and Computer Program

by Michael Kasenow, Ph.D., and Paul Pare
SPB, 54 pp, plus Computer Program, (Cat No. LCA), US $25 TO ORDER

This monograph provides a review and application of methods used to define aquifer parameters using leaky confined aquifer pump test data. It includes a shortcut method that solves leaky confined parameters using only three time-drawdown data points and the Hantush inflection point method. A step-by-step example is provided using historical data. The Hantush Inflection Point (HIP) computer program is also provided that solves for leaky confined parameters, and the limit of the transient cone of depression.
The program, which is a valuable addition to any well hydraulics library, has been extensively tested. It is easy to operate. The user simply selects the correct number on the computer key board relative to the information that the program is requesting. Data is entered and within seconds results are provided. Output is extensive, including transmis-sivity and hydraulic conductivity in three units - and the limit of the transient cone of depression. Other output includes: storativity, r/B, inflection point drawdown, time of inflection point, slope, aquitard hydraulic conductivity, and the leakage factor. A step-by-step tutorial is provided, but a PC compatible computer with 640 K memory, a printer and common sense are all that is needed to run this program. ISBN - 0-918334-84-57. Publ. 1994 WRP.

This application is:

Here's what professional ground-water scientists are saying about Dr. Kasenow's research:

"He possesses a wonderfully articulate yet pragmatic method of conveying his thoughts, intuitions and application of theory. His work stands the test of time." --- Walter J. Bolt, Senior Project Manager, PM Environmental, Inc.

"Dr. Kasenow has shown both his creativity and drive to build on, rather than simply follow techniques developed by others. His books present relatively complex concepts in easy to understand graphic form without oversimplification." --- Dana R. Unangst, Project Manager, Insight Environmental Services, Inc.

"It is refreshing to see someone looking at alternatives to complicated and sometimes subjective curve matching techniques." --- Scott R. Green, Senior Hydrogeologist, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates.

"As President of a consulting firm, I am always concerned with balancing costs and providing clients with complete and thorough data evaluations. Dr. Kasenow's practical application techniques have allowed my firm to complete thorough data evaluations at lower costs. Once one uses Dr. Kasenow's data evaluation programs, you are left with the feeling of 'why did I waste my time with other programs?" --- Mark. B. Sweatman, CPG, President, Insight Environmental Services, Inc.


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