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This book is both a tribute to Professor Rao and a state-of-the-art information concerning certain aspects of hydrologic past, present, and future. Specialists and experts from all parts of the world, including both developed and developing countries contributed to this publication. This book will be of interest to researchers and consultants.

Title: Hydrology and Hydraulics
Editor: Vijay P. Singh
Specifications: Hardbound, 1098 pp

ISBN-13: 978-1887201-52-0
ISBN-10: 1-887201-52-1

Price: US $150
Cat No: HH

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HYDROLOGY AND HYDRAULICS <> The subject matter in this book is divided into four sections.

Section I is comprised of four chapters. Beginning with a short biography of Professor Rao in the first chapter, history of hydraulic engineering at Purdue University is given in chapter 2. Soft computing approaches are discussed in chapter 3 and training of artificial neural networks is presented in chapter 4.   

Section II deals with surface water hydrology encompassing nine chapters. Chapter 5 discusses the surface water availability in Mexico, chapter 6 evaporation and evapotranspiration, chapter 7 SCS-CN method, chapter 8 rainfall-runoff modeling under moving storms, chapter 9 watershed runoff prediction under incremental radar rainfall characteristics, chapter 10 SCS-SMA model incorporating Kalman filter, chapter 11 climate change impacts on water resources: the Greek experience, chapter 12 causes, evidence and impacts of climate change on groundwater resources, and chapter 13 effects of land use and land cover on hydrology and aquatic systems.

Section III covers stochastic hydrology in 11 chapters. Probabilistic structure of rainfall over Indiana, USA, is described in chapter 14, statistical downscaling of daily regional precipitation process under climate change scenarios using vector machines in chapter 15, statistical downscaling of daily precipitation process for climate-related impact studies in chapter 16, flood estimation in ungaged basin in chapter 17, Bonta-Rao method for estimating peak flows and frequencies in chapter 18, short walk into two shape parameter flood frequency distributions in chapter 19, extending short records of hydrologic data in chapter 20, drought characterization in chapter 21, bivariate drought characterization in chapter 22, development of drought SAF curves in chapter 23, and unbiased finite sample Hurst exponent estimates using rescaled range analysis in chapter 24.

Section IV is on hydraulics and comprises five chapters. Stage discharge and sediment rating curves are discussed in chapter 25, streamflow measurements and discharge assessment during high flows in chapter 26, mathematical modeling of flow routing in open channels in chapter 27, soil erosion and sediment yield modeling in chapter 28, hydraulic modeling of watershed erosion in chapter 29, and hydrodynamic transport in flow with vegetation subject to waves and currents in chapter 30.

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