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Title: Design of Small Canal Structures 1978
Authors: A.J. Aisenbrey, Jr., R.B. Hayes, H.J. Warren, D.L. Winsett, R.B. Young (Bureau of Reclamation)
Specifications: Soft Cover, 457 pp
Price: US $95
Cat No: DSCS

-> 100+ FIGURES reworked extensively for legibility - Figure Examples

-> 15 FIGURES expanded to 3 pages for easier viewing - copies of these original 15 figures included in the appendix



This publication has been prepared to illustrate the application of canal structures having design discharge capacities up to 100 cubic feet per second. Several types of canal structures have been standardized for this capacity range and are presented herein. It is intended that this book provide the design engineer with a source of condensed information for use as a guide in efficiently designing small canal structures. Publ. 1983 Bureau of Reclamation, enhanced by WRP.


Chapter 1 - General Requirements and Design Considerations

  • A. General Requirements
    B. Design Considerations
    C. Bibliography

Chapter 2 - Conveyance Structures

  • A. General
    B. Road Crossings
    C. Inverted Siphons
    D. Bench and Elevated Flumes
    E. Drops
    F. Chutes
    G. Bibliography

Chapter 3 - Regulating Structures

  • A. General
    B. Checks
    C. Check-drops
    D. Turnouts
    E. Division Structures
    F. Check and Pipe Inlets
    G. Control and Pipe Inlets
    H. Bibliography

Chapter 4 - Protective Structures

  • A. General
    B. Wasteways
    C. Cross-Drainage Structures
    D. Bibliography

Chapter 5 - Water Measurement Structures

  • A. General
    B. Parshall Flumes
  • C. Modified Parshall Flumes
    D. Stilling Wells
    E. Weirs
    F. Weir Boxes
    G. Open-Flow Meters
    H. Bibliography

Chapter 6 - Energy Dissipators

  • A. General
    B. Baffled Apron Drops
    C. Baffled outlets
    D. Vertical Sleeve valve Stilling Wells
    E. Bibliography

Chapter 7 - Transitions and Erosion Protection

  • A. Transitions
    B. Erosion Protection
    C. Bibliography

Chapter 8 - Pipe and Pipe Appurtenances

  • A. General
    B. Pipe
    C. Pipe Appurtenances
    D. Bibliography

Chapter 9 - Safety

  • A. Safety Devices

B. Bibliography

Appendix A - Glossary of Terms

Appendix B - Conversion Factors

Appendix C - Computer Program

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