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Author: Michael Kasenow, PHD
Specifications: Spiralbound, 454 pp

ISBN-13: 9780918334961

Price: US $60
Cat No: BOG


This book provides information obtained from a three year investigation of the physical and chemical mechanics occurring within that often mysterious but beautiful environment -- a northern bog. Thirty-seven wells and ten well tests were constructed within and adjacent to the bog. Information on glacial geology, topography, drainage patterns, hydraulic conductivity, vegetation, water chemistry, and static water table elevations were collected and analyzed. The chemistry of rain water and wetland surface water was also analyzed. The material in this book offers state-of-the-art methodology in regards to distinguishing direction of ground water flow, and areas of ground water recharge from areas of ground water discharge. Maps are provided that show ground water radiating out from the bog and generally flowing north, south and west. The acidic surface water chemistry of the bog is analyzed in detail. The contribution of organic acids to increases in alkalinity with sample depth is also discussed in detail. Evidence for complexation, saturation and supersaturation of sulfide, carbonate and silica species is documented using the USGS WATEQ4F computer program. The production of ammonium and reduction of iron at sample depth, which consumes H+ and raises pH, is also discussed. Cation exchange involving ammonium, which also contributes to elevated concentrations of calcium and magnesium with sample depth, is documented. Examples using slug tests, grain-size analysis, and permeameters to estimate hydraulic conductivity are provided as well as the use of gamma-ray logs to verify sediment type. Thirty-four tables, eighty-six maps and other figures are included, along with comprehensive appendices. Publ. 1995 WRP. ISBN - 0-918334-96-9.

Here's what professional ground-water scientists are saying about Dr. Kasenow's research:

"He possesses a wonderfully articulate yet pragmatic method of conveying his thoughts, intuitions and application of theory. His work stands the test of time." --- Walter J. Bolt, Senior Project Manager, PM Environmental, Inc.

"Dr. Kasenow has shown both his creativity and drive to build on, rather than simply follow techniques developed by others. His books present relatively complex concepts in easy to understand graphic form without oversimplification." --- Dana R. Unangst, Project Manager, Insight Environmental Services, Inc.

"It is refreshing to see someone looking at alternatives to complicated and sometimes subjective curve matching techniques." --- Scott R. Green, Senior Hydrogeologist, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates.

"As President of a consulting firm, I am always concerned with balancing costs and providing clients with complete and thorough data evaluations. Dr. Kasenow's practical application techniques have allowed my firm to complete thorough data evaluations at lower costs. Once one uses Dr. Kasenow's data evaluation programs, you are left with the feeling of 'why did I waste my time with other programs?" --- Mark. B. Sweatman, CPG, President, Insight Environmental Services, Inc.

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