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Download Free Demo copy: English French

Purchase HYFRAN-Plus:

The following three HYFRAN-Plus Guide documents are now available. Free download, please click on the HYFRAN-Plus GUIDE.
French version of the guide
English version of the guide
Theortical elements of frequency analysis (in French only).

FAQ (Warnings):

1. If there are any previous versions of HYFRAN-PLUS on your computer, they must be uninstalled before installing another demo version, including deleting all INRS files/folders. This demo version generates the product number which is required to get the password to activate HYFRAN-PLUS.

2. The product number that appears on the screen is specific to your computer system and cannot be transferred, now or in the future. The license is not transferable to another computer. So if you change your computer or hard disk, you will have to acquire a new license at a discount cost of ($150).

3.  To activate the demo version into a full version of HYFRAN-PLUS, you must provide WRP with the user name (given by the purchaser), the product number of the demo version, your address, phone number, email address and payment information (see Order Form available in TERMS AND CONDITIONS page). 

4. Once you have received the password and the final user name, to get the full version (non-transferable), activate the already installed demo version on the same computer and type in this information.

5. If you change your mind, we will honor your purchase in so far as you did not already receive the user name and password.

6. If there is a computer malfunction; and/or if you upgrade your existing operating system; and/or you download another copy of the Demo Version; and/or purchase a new computer; you will have to purchase another copy at a discount of ($150).

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