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Water Resources Publications, LLC Author's Profile

Co-Author of the books:

Sediment Transport Technology: Water and Sediment Dynamics (Cat. No. STT)

Solution Manual to Sediment Transport Technology (Cat. No. SMSTT)

Dr. Daryl Simons

DR. DARYL SIMONS is the Principal Engineer of Simons & Associates, Inc. and Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. Other duties have included: Project Chief tor the U.S. Geological Survey in fluvial hydrology and hydraulics research; Associate Dean for Research, Director of the Engineering Research Center and Professor of Civil Engineering at Colorado State University from 1963-1983.

Dr. Simons is widely recognized for his research and experience in the fields of geomorphology, hydrology, hydraulics, river mechanics, sediment transport, hydraulic modeling and hydraulic structure design and has supervised hundreds of water-related projects. He has served as a hydraulic consultant on numerous engineering projects, nationally and internationally, for the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Development Bank, as well as many United States government agencies.

Dr. Simons has published over 420 technical ~ publications and five textbooks.