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Title: Water Measurement Manual
U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, THIRD EDITION
A Manual Pertaining Primarily to Measurement of Water for Irrigation Projects

Specifications: 485 pp
Price: US $75
Cat No: WMM



This manual was prepared by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
to make available to designers, system operators, and water users the information needed for measuring irrigation, municipal, and industrial waters. Provides guidance for water users and districts in selecting, managing, inspecting, and maintaining their water measurement devices. Describes the standard methods and devices used to measure irrigation water. Acquaints irrigation system operators with other established but less common methods and with new or special techniques. It is useful to anyone engaged in designing or using water distribution facilities. In the management of the vast facilities associated with water resources distribution, fair and equitable consideration must be given to the users, and reliable measurements must be obtained of the water deliveries made to the land. Good management creates confidence in the project and can go a long way toward eliminating wastage and harmful water-use practices. In discussing water stage measurement and recording, attention is given to the trend toward encoding data and transmitting it automatically or upon demand to locations where it will be used. Later on a chapter introduces the reasons why more sophisticated data gathering and transmission are becoming necessary, and illustrates some of the methods by which they are being done. Publ. 2001, 3rd edition, Bureau of Reclamation.


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